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Fanciful Bedroom Styles

We know most of us dream of a beautiful house. Everybody wants their interior spaces to be charming as far as they can with their money and ability. You know, there is something so charming about having an attic bedroom. A room present on the top floor of a house under a pitched sealing and the beams and rafters of the roof can be perfection.

Twin bedrooms are nowadays a seemingly different style of bedrooms. These are, especially done for children’s rooms. They are decorated with two coats and usually in the same manner.Now there is a different style of decoration of the twin bedrooms. That is both coats in different styles.

This sometimes done according to the option of the people using it. Actually, this looks a very different kind of arrangements, because two coats are decorated differently in the exact place. This room is full of fun, art, creative and is full of imagination.Classical bedrooms styles are very commonly used across Indian houses, as it has recognised art and the quality of the work is much important.

Ultimately bed rooms are spaces where we rest have fun and much more. So, not only the bed and coat, but the surroundings, flooring, mirror, bedside tables, curtains, lightnings etc. should also be decorated with much care.

Best Interior Design Company in Kerala

A proper entryway at your home is a very much needed aspect, as it accounts for the first impression of the home and thereby you. The entry space must be looking impressive, clean and well-kept whether your home is a small or large one. Here we discuss certain ideas that will help you to have a good resolution for your entry spaces. This is how you can change your modest entrance to a well-organized and adorable display.

Artful Impression At First

Each one of us will be impressed by art in one or another way. Even the taste of art is different; it will give a peaceful and adorable look to your entrance space. You can add paintings of your interest, photos, mirrors or any such arts to style the entryway to give an artful tone for the rest of your space.

You can also use those cheerful colors on the entryway to get that cheerful look for your living space. Painting your front door in a colorful hue will give your visitors a warm welcome. The artful entrance is not always an expensive option; this can be done in a budget-friendly and space-saving way.

You can give a tall wall on the entryway with a stunning piece of art on it, usually a large one. Having fun and beautiful geometric pattern on your entrance wall or in the entrance space is a good option to impress your visitors. The Feza interiors the best interior design company in Kerala gives the best entrance interior design ideas.

Better Storage Space

While doing a renovation for your home, if you have a small bench or small table you can arrange it beautifully to keep some sorts of books or any other accessories on it. All the household items when kept neatly and arranged well gives a good impression.

Giving an area for the storage of books in the entrance space will give a better look and it can be a time spending idea for the visitors. Above all, whatever we do on the entrance space must be good looking, as it accounts for the first impression and thus it should last as the best impression. Doing the best interior designs for homes and commercial spaces had made the Feza interiors the best interior designers in Nilambur.

Best Interior Designers in Ernakulam

Some people prefer to live in colors whereas some others like to be in lighter shades. The choice is always yours. While selecting paint for your interior spaces it will be a great thing if you choose it according to your tastes. More than giving color to your room it is giving a chance to give a personality to your interior spaces. The Feza interiors are the best interior designers in Ernakulam to give the best color combinations for your home.

How you feel when you are in your home is very important and the mood you get will really enhance your life. Your home will be always your feel-good option and thus it is very important to make you feel comfortable inside your home. Here are 10 questions you should ask yourself before selecting the paint.


This is because almost always the first impression matters. The color given to your room is the first thing you will note while entering the room. Thus it has the power to enhance the mood of the person entering the room.

If you would like to opt for a relaxed and peaceful space then you can go for calm airy blue or any such neutral colors. If you want to have full energy in you while entering the room, you can go for brighter and bolder hues.


Always remember your walls should undergo the test of time. Trends will come and go. The painting is not an easy and inexpensive process. And thus you cannot change it accordingly as per your wish. It is important to get that shade of color which you will not feel bored and which you feel loved.


The light is an important component which enhances the room. Depending upon the position of the window in the room, the light will hit on the wall. Make sure you love the kind of reflection given by the paints in your room. Before the selection of paint colors, you must always test the color on the walls.


It is a true fact that some colors have the power to make the room to look larger than it actually is. As the color of the rooms become brighter and lighter the more the light enters the rooms. The smaller space appears larger with airier colors.


It must be considered when you are not working with a plain room. The colors and structures of your decor also should match the color of your paint. It should have a good overall appearance. It is of no matter when you work with a plain room.

The Feza interiors consider all the aspects of paintings and colors and will show the 3D images of the proposed works before it starts. Thus there is no scope for a dislike event in the interior designing, making the Feza interiors the best interior designers in Kerala.