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Living Room Interior designer in Kerala

A living room interior space to look good is an important thing, as it is the welcoming space for guests in most of the houses. It is the place where you hang out with your friends and family. For most of the houses it is the place where you see television, they read books, take a short nap, get entertained and ate food. Moreover, it is a multifaceted space in your home. Thus it should be given such importance while doing the interior design. The Feza interiors are the best interior designers in Ernakulum, to design the best living room interior designs. Here we discuss few tips on the living room interior designing.


Floating your furniture in the living room will help you to have a better conversation. This will help you in creating a more intimate space in your living room. Just imagine, all your furniture is kept against the walls and you are having a conversation. It will be quiet difficult and odd-looking. The Feza interior designers recommend you to keep your furniture floating as it gives a feeling of more space and comfort in your living room.


The best interior designers in the world suggest keeping a larger rug in your living rooms. To have a complete feeling of the rug all your furniture’s legs should be on the rug. If you have a sofa kept against the wall, then its front legs must be on the rugs. Instead of keeping a smaller rug in your room, it is always better to keep a larger one. This will help in unifying the space.


Giving an overhead light is usually harsh. For most of us, a soft glow gives a more intimate vibe but some others may not prefer this. To have a more sophisticated light, give light from a variety of sources. The sources can be like table lamps, wall sconces, floor lamps, candles, etc. in the room. Lights always play a major role in interior spaces. These kinds of rare interior design ideas made the Feza interiors to be different from other interior designers.


The coffee tables must be at the same height of your sofa or your seating. This is because; while in a conversation you or your guest may be in a need of keeping a drink or something down on a table. Also, the end tables must in the height or a few inches above the height of your sofa. This height will be more convenient for keeping or taking anything from the table.

These are the few unavoidable but usually neglected things in interior designing. Remember to take care of these things, to make your interior space to look awesome. The specialty of the Feza interiors are, they always care about each and every part of the interior designs and ultimately give the perfect result as the customer’s expectation. Thus having a lot of satisfied customers throughout Kerala.

Best Interior Designers in Perinthalmanna

Sometimes, it may not be possible for us to have a large house or large bedroom. It may be due to lack of money, land or due to any other reason. But it is possible to make your smaller room look larger than it actually is. Most of us would like to make our bedrooms bigger and also want to create more space for storage. The Feza interiors always give the best interior design ideas to make your house look spacious, stylish and adorable. The ideas discussed below may help you with this problem.  


Avoid the free-standing furniture or any bulky accessories in the bedrooms, because it requires a lot of space. This gives an untidy look. Giving built-in storages to store things is a practical solution to this. They help to free up floor space, which is valuable. Giving mirrors on the wardrobe doors and choosing white furniture can do even more to this problem. An empty area under the windows or the sloping ceilings and awkward corners can be made into practically useful spaces.

The Interio Feza will fit furniture slots around these kinds of spaces and make use of it. We always try keeping the spaces to its maximum. These qualities made us become the best interior designers in Kerala.


Giving the right color to your bedroom is a key factor. Soft and soothing hues can do good to have a relaxing and calm scheme. Giving only a single shade of color in a room can also give a sense of space in the room. But sometimes giving your favorite textures or colors on a single wall will also look good for you in your bedroom.

In your bedroom, if the bed is the focal point it is better to keep the windows accessories to look simple. We can use the Roman blinds or the shutter’s work which is best suited in small spaces. As the large curtains will feel more cluttered and create a cozy feel in the bedroom.


Imagine when you have a bed in your bedroom that is more than a space to sleep. If it also gives a space beneath it for the storage or pillows, bed sheets or other items, it can be a space-saving idea. When you choose a bedside table look for styles of roomy drawers that help to keep the room clutter-free. Keep the furniture in the room neat and that lets you have no clutters inside your bedroom. Thus makes you feel more comfortable inside your bedroom, by creating a cleaner look. 

The Interio Feza has been giving the interior design services for decades, all in a systematic, practical and cost-effective manner. The works of the Feza interiors proved its dedication in interior designing and the best interior designers of Feza are excellent at doing creative designs. All these led the interio Feza to become the best interior design company in Kerala.

unique bed room interiorchi

The uncomfortable feeling of your bedroom usually occurs when you had a change in your residence. Here we discuss some of the ideas to make you feel comfortable in your bedrooms wherever you are. The Interio Feza is the best interior designer in Kochi had been giving top interior designs and making people comfortable in their bedrooms. All the services done by the Feza interiors are at a low budget and thus became the favorite interior designers for many people.  

Choosing the right floor suitable for your bedroom is one of the best ideas you can have in your bedroom. This is because your bedroom is your probable area where you walk barefooted. You can also do it with some carpets which are soft and comfortable with your feet. Woolen carpets are lovely both to see and to experience. You can also opt for wooden floorings. To get an added comfort you can invest in some luxurious rugs on the sides of your bed.

You can also give some changes to the bedrooms as per the change of season or your moods. Giving a change to your bed linen can make a lot of difference to the feel and look of your bedroom. For this, you can try experimenting with different colors and textures of such things to get a completely different look. This is a cost effective process and it will be better to use thick and cozy brushed cotton in winter or during damp weather and lighter linen materials in the summer season.

Letting more amount of light inside is an incredible idea for the bedrooms. When the interior designs are behind the windows, it is better to double it up. With this add a set of curtains on it as this will act as a safe way of keeping out the light from the room when you are not in need of it or when you are about to sleep. Looking at the dirty windows can be a worse condition especially when the windows are framed by good fabrics. While doing the interior designs, mirrors are a much better and inexpensive way to add light to your rooms. You add a piece of some antique mirror or a modern-day stylish mirror into your room. Both of them can be worthy and produce an impressive focal point.

Color your room with your personal interests. Your color scheme will be different on who you are and also different on your interests and likes. Your color of the bedroom is your choice. The interio Feza, the best interior designers in Malappuram is all set to explain to you the suitable colors for your room, from which you can select the best one.

You need to be quiet clever about your storage spaces. Homes are becoming smaller nowadays and thus storage solutions are important factors. The storage spaces should be space saving, stylish and should meet with the aesthetic beauty of the interiors. The storage spaces should be time-saving and money saving for the customers when under construction.


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Best interior design company in Perinthalmanna. The luxury offered by the Feza interiors through its designs is extraordinary and gorgeous. The Feza interior designing company provides the low budget interior designs that look stunning and will be a relief to the pocket of the customer than any other works.

The Feza interiors also do great renovation works and make your interiors look beautiful at affordable prices. The interior designs of Feza had proven its strength and quality over the years and thus have an enormous number of happy customers in Kerala and south India.

Some of the interior design tips that you can use for your interior designs are: – Having a high ceilinged room, adding a design of luxury feature wall to the scheme that will definitely make a stunning focal point of look in an open living room, lighting up the living room with an eye-catching sweet modern chandelier, the interiors can look marvelous with metallic and adding things like a mid-century metallic coffee table in golden color will add a lavish sheen to the interiors. Adding living room pendant lights, which can be more than one that will add extra beauty to it.

You can also try to illuminate the special features in the living room. Illuminating the beautiful modern staircase in the living room or any standout piece that you have in the living room can add extra charm to the interiors. In interior designing, you must always consider the lighting plan.

The luxury can be inspired by traditions also. Thus for having a traditionally styled living room, you can add wallpaper or a classic wall with a natures theme and it can be continued by adding greenery to the interiors. The furniture in the room should also fit the traditional design.

Another idea used by the Feza interiors to highlight the luxury is by highlighting the texture other than the colors. You can find it more beautiful with different kinds of adorable textures. The Feza interiors, the best interior designers in Kerala will help you to have luxury living rooms in low budget. The ideas for having a luxury living room are much more with the Feza interiors.


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Do you think renovating your kitchen is a costly thing? Almost always it can be costly. Here are some powerful ideas by which you can renovate your room or kitchen with at a meager cost. The Feza interiors are the interior designing company who always do best interiors in Kerala. The modular kitchen designs which are designed and developed by the Feza interior design company are now the best of the modular kitchen in Kerala.

If you have a plan for partial renovation with a low budget, then the best idea is to do the painting of the room. As it is said that the painting is one of the most powerful things in the transformation of the room, it is a must-have in the renovation. The kitchen cabinets and countertops can be beautifully painted. And it is also not much expensive.

Since the kitchen is an area where you spent time cooking food, it requires more light. The older darker look of your kitchen is changed to a newer and lighter look. This will make your kitchen feel more spacious than before and also more active you may feel. It will be a better idea if you have a source of natural light in the kitchen than any artificial light. The interiors of the kitchen are usually painted in white or in light shades (like lighter shades of blue, green or pink) with some dark colored furniture to give a more stunning look. Golden and silver colors are also in trend to use in the kitchen interiors.

The kitchen utensils and equipment are perfectly arranged and the wardrobes are made in such a way that it can save a large area in the kitchen. Newer and latest kinds of kitchen utilities are used according to the need of the customers. The older things which may be your favorites can be added to it by some modification or in a differently styled manner. We also consider that some of your oldies may be your favorites.  A perfect arrangement in the kitchen can give a perfect kitchen.

The Feza interiors bring out adorable modular kitchen designs, which are built and renovated by them. The Feza interior design company will always walk with the new by keeping the old in hand. Thus the works can be contemporary or modern and can be a combination of both depending on the customers need. The dedication in each work of them had given them a good reputation and also earned them the name of best interior designers in Kerala.

Indoor Design

The summer season is near; obviously, it is not favorable weather. People like to have a refreshing life in summer and things must be done more easily since the summer will exhaust the people. Thus people always go behind easy projects for rejuvenating their homes. You can do certain things that will bring out a huge change in your room, but still, they are some of the huge ideas. In short; painting, plumbing, and gardening of the indoors can give you a better change. You can do everything better with the best interior designers in Malappuram, the Feza interiors.


You can brighten up your walls to brighten your moods. Painting is the quickest way of transformation of interior space. Since the bedrooms, kitchen and bathrooms are the most used they must get the refreshment first. Other than the walls, the cupboards, doors and other things in the rooms or kitchen can be painted to look better.

Otherwise, you can use some wallpapers with different colors or patterns on it. Choose the best ones according to your purposes. Then get some accessories suitable for your interests, so that you can feel the space more of your own. It doesn’t mean that it must be costly; there are attractive home decors available at affordable prices. There are also different online stores selling home decors. The Feza interiors will do the best interior designs at budget-friendly prices.


Then comes, upgrading your faucet. This is an important step that most of us skip while renovating our houses. The renovation ideas of the Feza interiors designers are different and they will correct each nook and corner of your houses. Thus making it beautiful and the perfect one. For this, you first determine the type of faucet you need so that not all faucets fit everywhere. While selecting the faucets give priority to your most liked features. Pick the color or finish that suits your modern bathroom or the contemporary kitchen. The Interio Feza will design and work by knowing your interests and fits suited items in the interior spaces.

There is another and a commonly known but rarely used idea for exhibiting the beauty of the interior spaces – adding greenery to your spaces. Indoor plants according to your interests can be kept in your room, it may be your kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, dining hall or anywhere in the house. The skilled and experienced interior designers of the Feza interior designing company will provide sufficient spaces or ideas for keeping a garden inside your home. In short, Feza interiors are the best interior design agency in Kerala that makes your interior spaces to look the best.